Measure your omnichannel maturity

  • see where your company is strong and weak across the six omnichannel disciplines
  • Benchmark your company's result up against others in the same industry
  • Get inspiration for going forward with your omnichannel strategy

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The Omnichannel dashboard is a standalone dashboard. Developed and delivered on the NBI platform.

Always be customercentric

It is a real competitive advantage to meet customers on their own terms and on the channels they are on. And preferably wrapped in an enjoyable, customized buying experience (code word: data!). The Omnichannel dashboard helps each company gain insight into the company's current strengths and where it has unexploited omnichannel potential. 

The dashboard has been created on the NBI platform based on Rasmus Houlind's book “Make it all about me, and I’ll buy it!”. Sponsored by the Danish Chamber of Commerce, Omnichannel Institute and Sitecore.


In the future customers will expect that companies are on all the same platforms they are on. Omnichannel allows for better customer service and therefore better customer retention. This leads to increased competitiveness. Our 17,000 member companies will now have the opportunity to have their omnichannel maturity assessed through the Omnichannel Dashboard. We believe that it will be a really useful tool for them"

Lone Rasmussen, Market Manager at Danish Chamber of Commerce.

Omnichannel Dashboard features

 A visual overview creates a strong anchoring

Get an overview of your company's omnichannel maturity across the six disciplines in omnichannel marketing. Use the overview to easily identify and communicate your strengths and challenges.

Compare and benchmark your results 

Compare your company's omnichannel maturity with other similar companies. Benchmark across industries, companies of the same size and eventually also against other countries.

 Get a clear picture with detailed insights

Dive into the six omnichannel marketing disciplines and gain insights into exactly what distinguishes your company's situation from that of your competitors.

 Free access

Created by Danish Chamber of Commerce and Omnichannel Institute.

Map your omnichannel maturity... 

The questionnaire identifies your company's maturity based on the Omnichannel Hexagon, which is developed by Rasmus Houlind and is described in detail in the book “Make it all about me, and I’ll buy it!”. You will get a detailed insight into your company's maturity in each of the model's six disciplines.

... across six key disciplines

Customer Recognition & Permissions

Recognize your customer and ask for permission to establish dialog across channels. Build volume and engagement.

Data Collection

Get to know your customers by collecting rich data across all channels - both physical and digital.

Data Discovery

Be able to predict good and bad customer relationships, as well as to understand and prioritize future investments.

Communication & Service

Make use of the data and insight when addressing the customer or when the customer is served by your staff.

Performance Analysis

Incorporate customercentric measurements in your impact assessment and create a measurement culture in your company.

Organizing & Management

Eliminate silos, incentive structures and skill challenges to create a culture where the customer is at the center.

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About Omnichannel

In marketing, the Omnichannel Marketing concept means a commitment to marketing in a way that allows each customer to have a coherent and meaningful experience regardless of which channel they choose to use when interacting with your company. For this to truly be possible, it is necessary to first identify the customer, then to collect and store data for all interactions for future use in communications and service - regardless of the channel.

Behind the tool

The Omnichannel survey is an independent survey and dashboard developed and delivered on the NBI platform by the Danish Chamber of Commerce based on the framework set out in the book “Make it all about me, and I’ll buy it!” by Rasmus Houlind from the Omnichannel Institute. NBI is an international research project in Denmark that is financed and supported by a consortium consisting of the Danish Chamber of Commerce, Dansk Industri Copenhagen Business School, the Danish Business Authority and Sitecore. The aim of NBI is to ensure increased digital growth and competitiveness.

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